Monday, August 12, 2013

30th Anniversary, Our Welcome Home and 2 Months Post Op

30th Anniversary, Our Welcome and 2 Months Post Op

We had a very nice 30th Anniversary at the lake house.  We left on Saturday morning and got there unpacked and just relaxed the first evening.  The 2nd and 3rd day took the boat out but it was just too hard for me to get out so we spent the 4th day floating around in the lake at the beach area.  The evenings we either went out to eat or grilled out.  We were tired and ready to go home on Wednesday.  After cleaning the lake house and packing the car we were ready for home and a nap!

When we walked in the house our hearts skipped a beat as all we could see and hear was water running out of all our ceilings ....I was screaming turn it off!!! And he was running around trying to find the cut off which was under the house all the way to the front....Our home is completed flooded! Kitchen flooded. Up to ankles in water. Ceiling soaked. Cabinets destroyed, all wallpaper will have to be removed. Foyer flooded. Living room flooded. Carpet soaked all way to fireplace. Hardwood and carpet all has to be removed.  also the drywalls will have to be replaced all over.... Catwalks soaked. Upstairs bathroom floors, sink cabinet  and playroom and guest room floors wet as well as the walk in closet with all Christmas decor and trees.. 1/2 bathroom downstairs soaked..all wallpaper and floors removed. Closet downstairs. About 5 inches of water under house. Horrible. It's gonna be up to a month to be fixed. We Are now living at Hawthorne Suites on Centennial Olympic parkway about 13-15 miles from home. it's very nice but of course there is no place like home.

We go back and pick up things we need as we realize we need more and more items to live  in a hotel for a month...

What a rest for the weary...last thing I want to do is go to Physical Therapy but....I know I must...last Friday I was at 113 degrees on the range of motion on my knee.  My goal is 125-130.
Both knees are really hurting this week as there has not been time to rest.....

More updates to come.....

Friday, August 2, 2013

7 Weeks Post Op

My Physian Assistant hinted I may have to go in for manipulation under anesthesia if my range of motion isn't between 120-130 by 1st of September (Its 103 right now.)

I work with 2 Physical Therapists and a Personal Trainer and they said no way will I have to go back in for manipulation under anesthesia!! 
I'm getting a stationary bike today. Do water therapy twice a week and PT 3 times a week... I am woman hear me roar!!!

So this week some really cool friends gave me a stationary bike it also works your arms which makes a fan blow on you😆

I am doing water therapy at our pool at least 2 time a week and I am really working it hard at PT.  The downside to this is I can barely walk in the evening.  I haven't even had an appetite at dinner so haven't ate in a few nights and I'm losing sleep because I can't get comfortable.

Soooo we will see how this goes.  I'm getting ready to go to PT where they will hopefully measure me today and Ill update if I have progressed this week.

ROM (Range of Motion) is 108!! Yeah!!! Went up 5%.
Working to get to 125!!
Was 70 after surgery!!