Thursday, March 26, 2015

2015 UPDATE:

January 5 thru March 25th I have been riding my stationary bike and eating healthier.  I ride between 3-4 miles 5 days a week.  I have lost 14 pounds and down a pants size.

MLK Weekend. Regina and Dave's first visit since married. Visit was good.  Just hung around, visited.  Carlisle's came over Saturday night.  G and D and girls went to church with us.  They left around noon yesterday. Kids all got along. So good time. Too much temptation on food I did good except dessert one evening.

February went along pretty good no flares, meds are keeping pain at reduced level.

March was full of preparation for a 50th Wedding Anniversary for the Carlisle's  on March 21st. There was a great turn out almost entire family came.  I was hurting a good bit by evening my knees mostly. During this weekend we celebrated  Hubby's 60 BD.  I made his fav meal Lasagna and I made him 2 cakes.  Many backache breaks were taken and Trimodal was added during mid day everyday.

We also are so excited that we are going to have grand-baby #14 in October!   YEAH!!

It was hard during last weekend with all family here.   My eating and etc but I kept riding my bike. Yesterday I had a bad pain in my left knee and it popped and I kinda went down on it pain was quick hard and gone  (this has happened many times) but since then I have had a feeling of a rubber band being pulled behind my knee...  So I did not ride my bike today.  This week I have been having worse than normal backaches and headaches at night.  This morning was the worse which included nausea.  I believe all this is the result of what I am thinking is a Lupus Flare coming on.  I have actually have been having minor issues and been able to handle with medication.

My next Rheumy appoint is April 4th so hopefully I can wait till then.  If not I may have to see my Ortho if the knee doesn't let up with Flexural and Tramadol.