Saturday, November 9, 2013

My first ADVOCARE Meeting/ Mixer.

My first ADVOCARE Meeting/ Mixer.  Heather is a distributor and although she has been doing it since March I have not felt like I could approach or add anything new to my already crazy life.  (To see about my year read my blog, I will not go into it on this page.) I was excited and impressed with all the success stories not just about weight loss but how to get healthy, how to get rid of joint pain and to sleep better.  I sat there and listened I was thinking I want all of it...How do I know what to take and when and etc.  I didn't realize Heather was going to be my coach and what I was thinking was weight loss but what she was thinking was getting me out of pain and healthier, go with me to my Rheumotologist and ask about the 24 day cleanse and then starting on weight loss which will also help me be more successful through the holidays.  I'm all for it and can't wait.  If you want to know more about it let me know.  I can get all the answers for you!  My prayer is my husband will jump on board too.  There's products for baby boomers, products for men, products for women, products for teens and for joint pain and some to help you sleep and just too many to remember....I'm going to another mixer Monday just to hear more success stories. Who want to go with me?!?!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Home, Hubby Healing and Happy Happy, Happy.

Almost 5 months since knee replacement.  In a nutshell my knee is still stiff especially when I first stand up or leave it in one position for a long time. I can barely get a sock on that foot because of the way I have to bend it. Yes I did go to PT and graduated.  If I can get back to a regular routine I am sure the bike riding will make it feel better.  Once it's warmed up it works better. I am still on Tramodol for pain which also covers my Lupus and Fibro pain as well.  Most of the time it's enough. I still doubt I will get my other knee done EVER as this was for sure the most painful surgery I have ever had....

We returned to our house on October 22nd. YEAH!!!!   I was deliriously happy.  We practically have a new house.  Love it.  Still working on some paperwork for insurance and I expect today to get the touch ups and etc to be done for final inspection. YEAH!!!

October 12th Rick was cutting branches off the trees so our HOA will be happy....We love trees.  Our subdivision is called WOODlake.  But grass won't grow in shade so they were threatening us to grow grass or pay the $25 a day...Really?!?! So hubby was cutting branches so we could get some sun in and at aprox 20 feet high he fell and broke his Pelvis.  I'm sending HOA the bill.  He would never of been up there had they not threatened us..  This is November 1st and I don't see that he is doing much better, a little but still has to use cane, pain pills and sleep in recliner part of the night.  Hurts when he turns over and yesterday he said he could feel the bone moving and his left leg was feeling uncomfortable.  He saw an Orthopedic Dr Monday and basically it's a slow healing do what you feel like doing kind of break....

My Lupus is pretty much under control.  I still have the hip and shoulder joint pain and I don't have a lot of energy but I guess that is just how it will be....

59th birthday this week....I can't be that old?!??!?!?!?