Friday, March 1, 2019

Motivation where are you?

Long time since posting...

I had a Flouroscopy in September in my left hip and December in my right hip.  I have had little to no hip pain sine then YAY!!!!!  until the last couple weeks......... This week being worse...The hip pain I am referring to is actually in the groin area. It started in the right and now the left.  It is amazing how these injections can work so good but wear off and the pain comes back. Seems 3-6 months max.   It is not a fix it is a bandage...Depressing...I don’t know how much longer my Dr will keep giving them. The last 2 visits she told me I needed to lose 20 pounds to insure if I needed hip replacement surgery I would be a candidate...I have no intention of getting hip replacement and I have not lost the weight...So hard and no motivation.  Not good but just saying it like it is......Hate winter.  Will be glad when spring is here.  Maybe that will be a motivation.