Thursday, February 25, 2016

UPDATE CPAP and more

WOW!  I haven't blogged since October.... Really been doing ok.  I have bad days and good days.  The bad days I just rest to avoid more bad days and that seems to work.  If I overdue it I pay for it the next day.

A quick update:

I got my CPAP Machine Wednesday the day before Thanksgiving.  What a day to get it.  We had company coming in and I was soooo stressed about this machine.... I was scared and depressed and anxious and I hated it......I hated it the 1st 3 months!!!! I did put it on every night.  I never made it but a few hours.  Maybe 3 hours or 5 hours.  Then till 3 am...Most of the time it was because it was not keeping a good seal around my mouth and it would start leaking air and it is really noisy when it is doing that so I would take it off and try the next night.  I went back at least 3 times to have it fitted.  They gave me a smaller mask and it made a difference.  There was lots of trial and error and I still don't have it down pat but I can tell I do sleep better..and it is more refreshing to put it on.  I still don't make it the whole night but I know I will.  Eventually... I don't dread it or hate it anymore.  I have excepted it and I tolerate it...Soooooo

Jason and Rose and boys and JJ and boys came for Thanksgiving long weekend.  It was very nice. Great food and wonderful family!

Regina and Dave and girls came for Christmas and I got to see my newest little granddaughter Daelyn.  SOOOOO Precious!

Heather and Matt and kids were here for both weekends.We all had Christmas morning at our house.  It was so nice.  Been a LONG TIME since we had kids Christmas morning.  It was very special.

I had a lot of help in the kitchen from the girls.  My back kills me when I stay in there too long.  I hate it but there is nothing I can do but take Tramadol and rest.

January was ok...wanting snow but not enough to talk about.  I did start target shooting with a few friends.  My first time was Jan. 14th. We go every Friday morning.  (It's FREE for ladies)  I am much more comfortable with my handgun and just applied for a concealed weapon permit.

I did get really sick Feb. 10th.  Rick and we're both sick for like 2 weeks.  We both had sore throats and cough and headaches.  I ended up getting a fever and my throat was soooo sore. I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital but I went to Dr and got a shot of antibiotic and a steroid shot, an inhaler and pills for antibiotic and Prednisone.  So glad to have that over.  After that I had some random joint pains.  I think I went into a flare for the illness.  I had left knee pain and right shoulder pain.  A week off and all is better... So weird....

We are ready for a quick weekend trip from Jason Rose and boys (tomorrow!).  The guys are all going to the Atlanta Motor Speedway Sunday then back home they go.  But looking forward to their visit.

I have a Rheumy visit March 22nd. That will be my next update but I don;t expect anything to change. At least I hope not.