Monday, October 19, 2015



To say the least...overwhelmed...I guess I misunderstood the tech after my sleep study.  When he said Sleep Hypopnea I thought that was better than Sleep Apnea... Well apparently there is more than one way to look at a sleep study...

I got to my Neurologist this morning and I had my speech all ready... My #1 concern is my Lupus and Fibro but my MEMORY is failing me more and more and of course my headaches and talking in my sleep at night.  I was going to tell him since I didn't have sleep apnea that I really wanted to work on my concerns rather than go back for part 2 of the study.  Well like I said I was overwhelmed but I held it together.  I respect Dr. Raju and have heard many people praise him, his knowledge, his work ethic and his degree at Harvard and my 1st visit was quite good.

So when he comes in he says are you ready to go over the sleep study results?
I said yes but I have some concerns I want to talk to you about also.  He said ok fine.
Do you mind of we go over the results first and I said no, so he proceeds.

During the sleep study I was in bed 7 hours and slept 5.7 hours.  I only got 6% REM sleep (deep).  He said I did indeed stop breathing (Apnea) once and I had 154 Hypopnea's (extremely shallow breathing) and I had 156 RERAs (arousals from sleep).

I had a total of 311 respiratory events.  My baseline oxygen was 94% (Should not be below 92%) went down to a severe low value of 55% during REM sleep.  This in turn caused Cardiac problems.  During sleep my heart should beat 50-90 beats per minute.  BUT Mine was beating 45-118 per minute.  When my breathing was shallow those 311 times my heart would race to try to compensate...Severe desaturations were observed during the only REM period I had which was just before lights on.

The EKG showed arrhythmias throughout.
Isolated sleep talking was observed.
I kicked 308 times...

He said if my breathing were any worse I would need oxygen on hand always.  That my breathing was close to being COPD.  He used words like life and death and survive and die...
He said it was severe.  He said when he read my report he was going to just go ahead and put me on a machine but when they called me I told them I wanted to come in and talk about it and so now I have another sleep study with a mask Tuesday night to see how I do with forced oxygen....He said its not about which mask how big how little its about getting one on me asap....

He said as sleep deprived as I am it isn't any wonder my memory is bad and I have no energy, that I have head aches and he said he was surprised I even drove there without falling asleep.

I told him I had no idea.  In fact if you had ask me how I am sleeping I would say I was sleeping good....just the talking and headaches were bothering me.... WOW.....

I am overwhelmed but not for the same reasons I was when I went in....

I never said my speech...

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hypopnea syndrome

I had my sleep study last night.  Wires were hooked all over from legs to scalp.  I was mostly concern as to why I am having headaches, talking in my sleep and what I called mild snoring. I did do all 3 in the night study.  I was diagnosed by the tech with Hypopnea syndrome which is not as bad as Sleep Apnea and I am so glad I do not have that.  I did not think I did...anyway here is an article on the Hypopnea syndrome.  I guess it will be decided what I need to do when I see my Neyrologist. I was told he would call once he looked over my results.
Hypopnea syndrome refers to episodes of extremely shallow or slow breathing during sleep. These episode interfere with the body’s ability to get enough oxygen. They may induce repeated waking up during sleep, though the sleeper is not always aware that this happens.
Hypopnea Syndrome This disrupted sleep cycle causes symptoms similar to those of sleep apnea, in which the sufferer has trouble feeling rested during the day and may be depressed or forgetful.
This sleep disorder is not identical to sleep apnea, however, since some air is flowing through the respiratory system at all times.
Up to a quarter of men between 30 and 60 years old and about 9 percent of women in this age group suffer from this problem, but it can be hard to estimate the true number because most people never get diagnosed.
While this problem isn’t as serious as sleep apnea, it can still worsen over time and increases a person’s risk of a heart attack or stroke.
This condition tends to disrupt sleep patterns during the night, causing patients to get poor quality sleep and to miss vital deep and REM sleep stages.
That leads to a number of unpleasant symptoms:
  • Daytime drowsiness
  • Ease of fatigue
  • Lethargy and low energy levels
  • Reduced ability to concentrate
  • Headaches upon waking
  • Irritability
  • Strong mood swings
  • Loud snoring and snorting
  • Forgetfulness
  • Nervousness
  • Low productivity
People who suffer from hypopnea often spend a lot of time asleep, but they wake feeling unrested. They may also find themselves sleeping at unusual hours or suffering from insomniadue to unusual sleep patterns.
Their loud snoring, punctuated by periods of silence, can be an irritation for partners and family members and may cause serious strain on relationships.

A person may suffer from hypopnea syndrome for a number of reasons, including:
  • Congenital defects of the throat and nose
  • Tonsillitis
  • Adenoid infections
  • Obesity or high weight
  • Weakened respiratory muscles
  • Age
  • Airway obstruction
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol or sedative use
Like sleep apnea, hypopnea happens more often in people who are overweight or obese. It can also happen in some people who have relatively low levels of body fat, but who naturally have thick necks or who have a high body weight due to muscle gain.
Many of the same factors that influence sleep apnea and snoring are also causes of hypopnea syndrome.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

CAT SCAN, Sleep Study and 3rd round of Antibiotics for Kidney Infection

Went to see Dr Raju the Neurologist at Lawrenceville Gwinnett Clinic per my Rheumatologist Dr Parris.  I told him about my bad head aches at night, my talking in my sleep and he was concerned that I snore.  He wants me to go to Gwinnett Professional Building Thursday 12:30 pm the 20th of September and had a CAT-SCAN of head and the results were good.  I go for a sleep study October 12th.   I got all test results back and all blood work was good but Urine results showed a UTI he started me on a 3 day antibiotic 1 every 12 hours and then I was to come back to pee in a cup and have it rechecked.  I got permission to go to Dr Tanase's  (My PC) office because its just 3 miles away.   They told me that day that it had white cells and blood in it. So she was going to send off for a culture.  She also wanted to check to see if my antibiotics were sensitive to the infection.  They called me the next week and said it was a staff infection in my urine.  (Not MRSA) but the antibiotics I was taking would not help it so I had to start my 3rd antibiotic.  All this time I also have had a Sinus infection which my PC knew and said the meds would cover both.  By the end of the week my Sinus Infection was so bad my face, ears, gums, nose were killing me. I called and talked to nurse because I was concerned if my sinus infection was worse my kidneys may be as well.  She called in another Zpack which was the first antibiotic I took and Prednisone.  I did not take the Zpack but continued on the antibiotic I was on but I did take the Prednisone and I will finish it Thursday .I finished the antibiotics this morning.  I should go back to PC this week and have my urine checked today.
Soooo my Sinus Infection is better...Waiting to see how Kidneys are and dreading Sleep Study.

HE is faithful.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August and my NEW Rheumotologist

August 12th

Right now I am sitting in my NEW Rheumy's exam room waiting on him to come in.  Dr. Glenn Parris.  I researched him.  He is a Certified Rheumatologist and a specialist in Fibromyalgia.  He is also an Author of a book on Fibro which I plan on reading.  I have already talked to the young man that is a medical student, Steve.  He works with him and told him all my history, meds, aches and pains.

Just met the Dr. Parris VERY IMPRESSED!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!! So glad because I was very leery about changing Rheumy's. I had visions of coming out of his office in tears,,,

 I had a very thorough physical.  Including X-rays of my neck and upper back, right shoulder blade (which has been giving me pain).  He sees a couple neck vertebrae that are very close together which could be causing my hands going numb when I do any work with my hands from talking on the phone. iPad usage, holding my tea cup, driving etc.  He thinks PT will help that.

I have been having severe headaches waking me up from a sound sleep.  I have been journaling them since April. My other Rhuemy was going to send me to a Neurologist but I wanted to get a second opinion and to wait until I was on Medicare and had this change over because of the timing etc.  So after discussing these headaches with him.  Describing them and discussing how I have problems thinking of words (Aphasia) when I am having a conversation and also my forgetfulness.  He felt a Neurologist was for sure needed I will need an MRI. which he referred to as a Brain Scan. They will check for my brain activity and be sure I have one..HA!

He has  ordered a bone density test and of course I need to see an eye Dr once a year due to Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) and he doesn't think I am taking enough Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil).  More could help with my continued symptoms.

Also he is questioning my Thyroid so he will check that.. Goes hand in hand with hair and eyebrows falling out.

All in all I am impressed (and relieved) with everyone in the office they were all very nice and very professional.

I now wait on Neurologist to call and set up OPEN MRI.........

July 2015

July: Continuing the pool 3-4 times a week.  The movement I am doing is sitting on a noodle and working my arms and legs in bicycle, swimming and stretching motions.  I do it for a minimum of and hour and a  half.   Definitely see more mobility in my knees when doing stairs.  Had an episode where my right shoulder blade was like a stabbing pain and couldn't move good.  Iced it and took Advil.  It lasted a couple days and went away.

Went to Jason and Rose's house for the 4th of July weekend. Saw their new house in Arlington, Tennessee and had a great visit. Unfortunately I came down with a cold the 2nd day and felt rough while I was there on the way home I had a horrible sore throat..Went to PC on Monday took Z pack and felt better in a few days but this is August 12th and I still have the cough from it. Mostly at night. Ridiculous!!

June 2015

June: Well, I am still going to the pool 3 times minimum a week.  This is great exercise and fun at the same time.
I feel like I was in a flare over the weekend, the weakness, nausea, headache and no appetite.  It lasted 3 days.  I feel better today.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Knees doing better I did back off of the Bike exercise when the pool opened beginning of May .  I go 3 to 4 times a week and really work my arms and legs while basically riding on a noodle.  I can barely swim so this is my exercise.  I try to do it for 30 minutes.

I have been fine as far as no major Lupus flares.  My biggest concerns are still my knees if I sit or stand too long they are frozen up for a bit.  I have a good deal of back pain and I still have the numbness in my hands.  I am sleeping better and have not had to call my Dr for anything.

I become eligible for Medicare July 1st and am trying to get a good supplement.  I thought I had it all worked out and it was financially good, then found out my Rheumatologist does not take it.... Its called Cigna Health Spring.  Now I am a at roadblock as to what to do because the last thing I want to do is change Rheumatologist...............I have to get this done soon.....

Thursday, March 26, 2015

2015 UPDATE:

January 5 thru March 25th I have been riding my stationary bike and eating healthier.  I ride between 3-4 miles 5 days a week.  I have lost 14 pounds and down a pants size.

MLK Weekend. Regina and Dave's first visit since married. Visit was good.  Just hung around, visited.  Carlisle's came over Saturday night.  G and D and girls went to church with us.  They left around noon yesterday. Kids all got along. So good time. Too much temptation on food I did good except dessert one evening.

February went along pretty good no flares, meds are keeping pain at reduced level.

March was full of preparation for a 50th Wedding Anniversary for the Carlisle's  on March 21st. There was a great turn out almost entire family came.  I was hurting a good bit by evening my knees mostly. During this weekend we celebrated  Hubby's 60 BD.  I made his fav meal Lasagna and I made him 2 cakes.  Many backache breaks were taken and Trimodal was added during mid day everyday.

We also are so excited that we are going to have grand-baby #14 in October!   YEAH!!

It was hard during last weekend with all family here.   My eating and etc but I kept riding my bike. Yesterday I had a bad pain in my left knee and it popped and I kinda went down on it pain was quick hard and gone  (this has happened many times) but since then I have had a feeling of a rubber band being pulled behind my knee...  So I did not ride my bike today.  This week I have been having worse than normal backaches and headaches at night.  This morning was the worse which included nausea.  I believe all this is the result of what I am thinking is a Lupus Flare coming on.  I have actually have been having minor issues and been able to handle with medication.

My next Rheumy appoint is April 4th so hopefully I can wait till then.  If not I may have to see my Ortho if the knee doesn't let up with Flexural and Tramadol.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Blog catch up!!

Blog catch up!!

Jason and Rose and boys came. Little Jason and boys came for the day Becky had to work and Regina and Dave didn't come because their wedding is in a few weeks. Heather and kids were there but Matt had to work.  We had a great time of visiting and a wonderful meal.

Deen Wedding awesome wedding, and reception tons of pics.  We stayed at their house a week and babysat the grand daughters.

Christmas was just me and Rick but we had Christmas Eve at this parents and went to Heather and Matts house Christmas morning.

My trip to Virginia. Good flight got in 7:30 pm  pizza for dinner
Day 1. Donuts and cook out.  TV and getting hooked on Walking Dead series.
We made gingerbread house
Day 2. Captain George's seafood Buffett. Played spoons.good family time.
Day 3 NEX shopping with whole family andI got Coach cross body purse. County Grill BBQ best food ever. Great family day.
Day 4 New Years Eve we had appetizers and lots of fun. Played spoons.
day 5 New Years Day 2015!  Rose and I went shopping boys watched game.played spoons.jason made the BEST PRIME RIB I ever ate. Sooo good.
Day 6 I did a little more shopping with Jason at NEX had a good mother son day.
Day 7 got up and left by 6:30 am.  Had a great trip and a bumpy ride home.  Glad to see my hubby waiting for me at the top of the escalator at ATL.