Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Ultra Sound Results

   My blood work showed that with me being off the NSAID medications for a month my Kidney function went up 10%.  Which is great.  I now have 62% kidney function which is still Chronic Kidney Disease, Stage 2.  BUT that is good news !  He was not sure it would improve at all.  I do still have blood in my urine so we are going ahead with the procedure where they take a camera in and look at where it is coming from (Nov. 2nd).  The Dr also feels very sure my pain in my right side is Arthritis. Well I am thankful for Arthritis because that is much better than the other diagnoses it could be!  So I have to be on pain medication that will not hurt my kidneys or liver but will help me tolerate the pain.

Following up with my Liver Dr on October 27th but from what they told me on the phone it appears I have a fatty liver at worst so I am expecting good news there.