Thursday, January 15, 2015

Blog catch up!!

Blog catch up!!

Jason and Rose and boys came. Little Jason and boys came for the day Becky had to work and Regina and Dave didn't come because their wedding is in a few weeks. Heather and kids were there but Matt had to work.  We had a great time of visiting and a wonderful meal.

Deen Wedding awesome wedding, and reception tons of pics.  We stayed at their house a week and babysat the grand daughters.

Christmas was just me and Rick but we had Christmas Eve at this parents and went to Heather and Matts house Christmas morning.

My trip to Virginia. Good flight got in 7:30 pm  pizza for dinner
Day 1. Donuts and cook out.  TV and getting hooked on Walking Dead series.
We made gingerbread house
Day 2. Captain George's seafood Buffett. Played spoons.good family time.
Day 3 NEX shopping with whole family andI got Coach cross body purse. County Grill BBQ best food ever. Great family day.
Day 4 New Years Eve we had appetizers and lots of fun. Played spoons.
day 5 New Years Day 2015!  Rose and I went shopping boys watched game.played spoons.jason made the BEST PRIME RIB I ever ate. Sooo good.
Day 6 I did a little more shopping with Jason at NEX had a good mother son day.
Day 7 got up and left by 6:30 am.  Had a great trip and a bumpy ride home.  Glad to see my hubby waiting for me at the top of the escalator at ATL.