Friday, July 18, 2014

Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin....

Saw my Rhuemy Friday the 11th of July. My main issues this trip are my arms hurting tingling and numbing pain at night. Looking back on my blog this was a complaint the first month I was diagnosed.(Oct 2001)  I did see a Neurologist and he said I needed the Carpal Tunnel surgery but no I refuse. Too much surgery already.....  ALSO My hair falling out of my head. It's getting very thin on top.  Weird that it is growing on my forehead and face all eyebrows don't grow but I have hair on my chin...ugh!!!
She told me to increase my Tramodol for the pain and get Biotin for my hair falling out.  I had blood work done and my Urine check.  Bloodwork came back ok. Urine has blood and white cells in it..white cells are 20 and should be 0-5. I don't have any symptoms so she said just let her know if I do.  This makes me nervous but ok....God is in control.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Ready or not...summer is here!

June 17th. Caeleigh age 12 (turning 13, July 2nd), MaKenna age 11 and Rylee age 8 arrive to spend time with us until July 6th. Praying for energy and strength to keep up with them and to show them a great time with great memories for them to look back on long after I'm gone. Today is the 27th. I made a picture slide show of all we've done from swimming at the neighborhood pool to the waterpark, 2 movies, home made crafts, dress up, the vet trip, spending time with great GMA Carlisle and of course meals out like Brusters, IHOP and McDonalds. Caeleighs birthday is coming up and so is the 4 th of July. I've never applied more sunscreen in my life! On the 28th we took the girls to the lake house. Hubby shopped for the meals, got the girls new bathing suits and water shoes and made the meals. I purposely took a back seat and let him. The lemon pepper wings were awesome.  The day was full of sun, lake and I even squeezed in a nap. I drove home so he could get a break.  He needed one.
Regina and Dave and Jason and Becky and boys will be up for a long weekend on the 1st of July.the girls think they are coming the next day.  It was a great surprise and Caeleigh had a nice birthday.  Little Jason and Becky and JJ and Zac came down Friday night till Monday. We also celebrated my sil Matt's 40th birthday. The kids went to fireworks except for Ben and Heather and Matt (Ben hates loud noises). Rick and I stayed home and slept.  All in all we had a great trip, it was tiring, I'm not gonna say it wasn't. And we had some tiring trying days but I think it went as good as it could and I have tons of pics. I'm tanner than I ever remember being.  Not sure when I will ever go to the pool again....ha!!