Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lupus a Rash from the Sun

Since the pool opened me and Heather have been going to the pool with the kids about everyday for 2-3 hours. I have wore 30+SPF, I wear my hat, even in the pool and sit in shade when I am not in water.....The Week of June 16th thru 20th my granddaughters from Florida came up to spend a couple weeks with us. We went to the pool every day and I noticed Tuesday a small red rash on my right ankle.  By Wednesday it was up on my shin and my ankles seemed to be swelled.  On Thursday I decided I needed a break from the sun and by Thursday night it's kinda splotchy and it looks like red dots...where it's possibly healing...Very strange...hopefully it will just heal up and not get worse.  I did ask in a Lupus Facebook page their opinion.  It was same as mine pretty much.  Lupus rash from sun...ugh!!!! So hard not to go to pool.  But I will be vidulent about continuing to use 30+ On sunscreen, wear my hat and sit in shade when I am not in pool and try to avoid the heat of the day. I sure don't want it on my face..or anywhere for that matter....

Needed to update blog.  That's all I've got.