Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August and my NEW Rheumotologist

August 12th

Right now I am sitting in my NEW Rheumy's exam room waiting on him to come in.  Dr. Glenn Parris.  I researched him.  He is a Certified Rheumatologist and a specialist in Fibromyalgia.  He is also an Author of a book on Fibro which I plan on reading.  I have already talked to the young man that is a medical student, Steve.  He works with him and told him all my history, meds, aches and pains.

Just met the Dr. Parris VERY IMPRESSED!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!! So glad because I was very leery about changing Rheumy's. I had visions of coming out of his office in tears,,,

 I had a very thorough physical.  Including X-rays of my neck and upper back, right shoulder blade (which has been giving me pain).  He sees a couple neck vertebrae that are very close together which could be causing my hands going numb when I do any work with my hands from talking on the phone. iPad usage, holding my tea cup, driving etc.  He thinks PT will help that.

I have been having severe headaches waking me up from a sound sleep.  I have been journaling them since April. My other Rhuemy was going to send me to a Neurologist but I wanted to get a second opinion and to wait until I was on Medicare and had this change over because of the timing etc.  So after discussing these headaches with him.  Describing them and discussing how I have problems thinking of words (Aphasia) when I am having a conversation and also my forgetfulness.  He felt a Neurologist was for sure needed I will need an MRI. which he referred to as a Brain Scan. They will check for my brain activity and be sure I have one..HA!

He has  ordered a bone density test and of course I need to see an eye Dr once a year due to Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) and he doesn't think I am taking enough Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil).  More could help with my continued symptoms.

Also he is questioning my Thyroid so he will check that.. Goes hand in hand with hair and eyebrows falling out.

All in all I am impressed (and relieved) with everyone in the office they were all very nice and very professional.

I now wait on Neurologist to call and set up OPEN MRI.........

July 2015

July: Continuing the pool 3-4 times a week.  The movement I am doing is sitting on a noodle and working my arms and legs in bicycle, swimming and stretching motions.  I do it for a minimum of and hour and a  half.   Definitely see more mobility in my knees when doing stairs.  Had an episode where my right shoulder blade was like a stabbing pain and couldn't move good.  Iced it and took Advil.  It lasted a couple days and went away.

Went to Jason and Rose's house for the 4th of July weekend. Saw their new house in Arlington, Tennessee and had a great visit. Unfortunately I came down with a cold the 2nd day and felt rough while I was there on the way home I had a horrible sore throat..Went to PC on Monday took Z pack and felt better in a few days but this is August 12th and I still have the cough from it. Mostly at night. Ridiculous!!

June 2015

June: Well, I am still going to the pool 3 times minimum a week.  This is great exercise and fun at the same time.
I feel like I was in a flare over the weekend, the weakness, nausea, headache and no appetite.  It lasted 3 days.  I feel better today.