Sunday, April 29, 2018

Scooting Around

Well I have had basically a month of no hip pain.  It has been wonderful.  Wonderful!! Today is April 29th.  I had the Floroscopy March 28th.  Today I felt the first twinge of pain returning to my right hip.  Weakness and pain... Not a lot but enough to know it’s coming back.  Of course I knew the injection was ...a bandaid...Not a fix.... Dr Albert discussed that with me before both of my Floroscories... It relieves the pain... Not sure how long it will last.  The first one lasted 2 months... I expected this one to be at least that long.... Hopefully it won’t get that bad too fast because you can only get the injections every 6 months...

Before my injection I was hurting so bad I could barely get around.  I was using a cane and still struggling.  Walking in Walmart was not even possible. I had to resort to a scooter cart which I hated using cause I know how people judge you....... Or not go.

I had talked to my Rheumotologist about this and she said she would help me fill out the paperwork to order a scooter.  I could no longer do extended walking. Around the house I was ok. But a Scooter would be great for fall festivals, craft fairs, camping, lake house and going to the park or pool etc.  I was considering it but not sure how much Medicare would pay and can’t really afford it right now.  But need it. Want it.

A friend told me about a place called FODAC.  Famlies of Disabled Adults and Children.  They get donations of wheelchairs and walkers and scooters. Fix them up and donate them to people who need them. She told me to call and check on them and see what they say.  Well Praise the Lord they said there was no charge except for batteries and there was no paperwork or prescription needed.  I got an appointment for the following week and left there with a Blue Pace Saver Scooter.  It’s not new but it doesn’t need to be. It works and it is just what I needed I am getting used to driving it although I have not needed it because my pain has been minimal I am using it to ride around a bit outside. I did go to our Neighborhood Garage Sales on it and it worked GREAT! Much easier than getting in and out of the car which is difficult with a painful hip.  I just drove right up to the sales and most of them I didn’t even have to get off.

So there it is... Praying the pain will stay away longer and fortunate to have a scooter...


My God will supply all me needs in Christ Jesus.

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