Thursday, January 9, 2014

Catch up

Catch up time!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day weekend all our kids and 12 of our 13 grandchildren. I love family time! Everyone got to see our "new house".
I am still enjoying the house being renovated! It's so much easier to clean with the wood floors vs the carpet.  Love it!

It's now been 7 months since my knee replacement.  My knee is still stiff especially when I first stand up or leave it in one position for a long time.  Getting out and in Ricks truck causes frequent outburst of screaming as it really hurts!!  I saw my Orthopedic Dr last week, Dr. smith.  I was worried what he was going to say because I had nothing positive to tell him....I felt like my surgery was unsuccessful....but when I told him, he said I am slow to heal because of the Lupus and it could take a year or even 2 years to totally heal...really?!?!?   He said I will be surprised one day will go by and I won't even think about my knee then 2 days and 3 days...I can't wait because right now it is everyday several times a day.  But I was stoked to hear him talk to me in a positive manner.  It lifted my spirits because I had been so down about the pain still being there.

I saw my Rheumotologist .  I still have the hip and shoulder joint pain as well as my hands and of course knees and I don't have a lot of energy but I guess that is just how it will be....she put me back on Cellcept because of skin sores. They aren't real bad but we don't want them to get bad.

I have been riding 2 miles a day 5 days a week on my stationary bike. My knee gets warmed up it works better. I am still on Tramodol for pain which also covers my Lupus and Fibro pain as well.  Most of the time it's enough.

Rick is still healing from his broken pelvis.  It's much better but physical work makes it sore so he has to pace himself. He was able to get some hunting it the last month of hunting season.

We had a quiet Christmas this year but we expected that to be the case.

God blessed us with some unexpected money so I could get a vehicle without a car payment.  It's a Mitsubishi Montero sport.  It's older but I love it regardless and especially no monthly payment.

I am hoping to get back in choir soon.  My biggest challenge is standing for long periods of time.  I also hope to get on our widows ministry team where we reach out to widows in our church. My moms church did not have this and it would of been a blessing if they had not only for her but for me too.

More to come....both hands and fingers are numb..I can hardly feel them as I type....