Tuesday, September 29, 2015

CAT SCAN, Sleep Study and 3rd round of Antibiotics for Kidney Infection

Went to see Dr Raju the Neurologist at Lawrenceville Gwinnett Clinic per my Rheumatologist Dr Parris.  I told him about my bad head aches at night, my talking in my sleep and he was concerned that I snore.  He wants me to go to Gwinnett Professional Building Thursday 12:30 pm the 20th of September and had a CAT-SCAN of head and the results were good.  I go for a sleep study October 12th.   I got all test results back and all blood work was good but Urine results showed a UTI he started me on a 3 day antibiotic 1 every 12 hours and then I was to come back to pee in a cup and have it rechecked.  I got permission to go to Dr Tanase's  (My PC) office because its just 3 miles away.   They told me that day that it had white cells and blood in it. So she was going to send off for a culture.  She also wanted to check to see if my antibiotics were sensitive to the infection.  They called me the next week and said it was a staff infection in my urine.  (Not MRSA) but the antibiotics I was taking would not help it so I had to start my 3rd antibiotic.  All this time I also have had a Sinus infection which my PC knew and said the meds would cover both.  By the end of the week my Sinus Infection was so bad my face, ears, gums, nose were killing me. I called and talked to nurse because I was concerned if my sinus infection was worse my kidneys may be as well.  She called in another Zpack which was the first antibiotic I took and Prednisone.  I did not take the Zpack but continued on the antibiotic I was on but I did take the Prednisone and I will finish it Thursday .I finished the antibiotics this morning.  I should go back to PC this week and have my urine checked today.
Soooo my Sinus Infection is better...Waiting to see how Kidneys are and dreading Sleep Study.

HE is faithful.