Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lifestyle Change

So I finally had my Echocardiogram and my stress test in April.  I had good results.  I do have a slight blockage of what appears to be -50% so I had to have a Calcium test to see for sure if it was a concern.  It was not. The Cardiologist kept me on Beta Blockers and told me to go on with normal activities. I see him in 6 months.

This scared me... I am determined to get heart healthy and make sure this never has different consequences.  Therefore this calls for a lifestyle change.  Change it up!  I joined Weight Watchers on April 24th and as of today I am just shy of -30 pounds and losing weekly.  My goal is to be healthy not skinny, not to base my mood on the number on the scale but on how I feel each day. One day at a time. Right now I can honestly say I have more energy and I am starting to see the difference in my clothes. I have a better attitude and I feel better.

More WW updates to follow.

Lupus updates.  All in all I feel pretty good most days.  Nights are not as good.... I am not wearing the CPAP because I just do not want to...My heart working hard was the main reason I was so concerned about my sleep and since I found out through all these test my heart is fine I do not feel the urgency about wearing it...I could not sleep good with it. Constant issues with it so I am taking a break. Also with the weight loss I am not snoring as much or as loud according to my hubby.  I am however still having the hand and arm pain and numbness that keeps me awake. Considering talking to Dr again about this although I do no think there is a whole lot they can do about it. It is very painful all the way up to my shoulders on a bad night.

I am getting good exercise at the pool. I go 3-4 times a week and do lots of arm and leg movement.  I use a 50 SPF but the sun is really drying out my skin and I do have several sores as well. May have to go back on Cellcept if they continue.

I see my Rheumatologist in November.  I plan on shocking both him and my Cardiologist with my weight loss when I see them next.