Thursday, August 25, 2016

Water Aerobics vs 80's Jazzercise

So along with my Weight Watchers (-37 pounds) I decided to join a gym and keep doing water aerobics through the fall after our neighborhood pool closes and hopefully get on the machines and try some other classes.... Well I guess my brain forgot I am 61, and that I have Lupus and Fibromyalgia because the day after the first water aerobics class I was so sore I could not even turn my head without yelling out in pain.  I was miserable. Had to use a gel for my muscles and had trouble sleeping...  It lasted 2 days and I was ok so I went to my next class and could feel a good work out when I was using the weights (styrofoam shaped like weights that you have to keep under the water through a series of arm exercises) I did it,  I enjoyed it and it was fun. One hour of non-stop drill sergeant type, let's go exercises.  The next day (yesterday) I was miserable.  Had to alternate Tylenol and Advil, cooling gel, heating pad..miserable...Today still miserable.  Thought maybe I had pulled a muscle or it was something else. Surely 2 water aerobic classes couldn't put me down like this! I mean I was the Jazzercise Queen back in 82'!!  Well Doc says I probably went about it a little hard, should of eased my way into it. I caused a Fibromyalgia Flare Up.  She put me on muscle relaxers and alternating heat and ice.  She said try to work my way through the classes as best I can.  It's possible that I can get to the point that this will not happen.  So that is the plan.  Hate that I had to miss today but good thing I went to Dr.  Because had I not I probably would be in the bed!

ALSO I started using Quest Protein Powder for shakes, and it has many other uses.  You can bake with it.  Low WW Points and yummy stuff!  I have made Quest Waffles, Quest Cakes, Puddings, Ice Cream and more.  I also use their bars.  The PUMPKIN ones are to die for.  All are more protein than any other powder and all has less than 1 gram of sugar. I love Quest!!

So I am going to work through the pain, continue to eat clean and healthy, lose more weight and meet more goals!  Until next time..........