Saturday, March 31, 2018

Floroscopy is NOT SO BAD after all!

2nd Fluoroscopy

March 28th, 2018

2nd Floroscopy 

Took 5 mg Valium the night before
Day of Injection took regular meds with a Tramadol. Then I took a 5 mg Valium when we pulled in the parking lot. As directed.

The staff was nice and everything went like clockwork.

AS they prepared me for injection they talked to me about other things (Our trip to Tampa, Lisa etc) Dr injected numbing meds, then she injected the dye then the 2 cortisones.  It was just slightly uncomfortable.  Mostly pressure.

Sent home with instructions to ice if needed.  I did need to ice but it was not that painful at all.
That night the area felt weak and I iced to go to sleep.  I had a headache that night and woke up with headache next morning,

I was able to sleep on my side the first night. ( Have not done that in MONTHS!)

2nd day better. Slight pain in butt not much at all in groin. SLEPT GREAT! NO PAIN IN GROIN!

3rd day today. No groin pain. Sleeping on my sides again!!!

My R. knee still hurts so I am thinking that it is not the same issue.

I am writing this to remind myself to get these injections as soon as I need them and NOT WAIT to the point where I did this time.  The injection is nothing compared to the pain I have been in these last months.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Ortho Visit

UPDATE:::::::I did have to go to ER!  My hip/ groin area is inflamed. Nothing broke. It may be 2 separate things. Pinched nerve could be making pain radiate down my leg.  If it continues I'll have to see A Back Dr. But right now they are taking care of groin hip issue. WEnt to ORTHO Dr and a Fluoroscopy is all they can do. They inject 2 kinds of cortisone down into the joint with a camera. Long acting and quick acting. Hurts but it did work last time just didn't last but 5-6 weeks. The surgery Center is checking with insurance and then they will call me to set it up. P.S. I hate Fluoroscopies!  But it could be worse!

Friday, March 2, 2018


Methotrexate is NOT WORKING if anything my hip / groin is worse.... So I saw my Rheumotologist Friday Feb 27, 2018 and she took me off of it.  She was almost at a loss as to what to put me on because I think we have tried all the meds she normally uses... Either they don’t work for me or the side effects are bad... Most do not work......

We talked about Lupus and Osteoarthritis and my options.  We discussed everything from Medicinal Marijuana (which of course is not legal in Georgia), to what we have tried, to going back to the Ortho Dr and even discussed using a scooter if Medicare will cover...She started me on Gabapentin to see if it would help...

But my hip / groin area is REALLY REALLY HURTING BAD!!!  It hurts to sit...It hurts to lay...It hurts to walk...It hurts from my butt cheek to my ankle. The area from my butt cheek to my groin is the worse. Down to my knee is bad as welll.  To my ankle hurts when I lay down...I am using a cane at this point and last night I could barely get into the bed.  

It was one year ago that I went and had that Flouroscopy where they took a camera in and looked and put in the 2 different types of cortisone which lasted a little over a month.  I went back and had 2 more shots...Lasted 2 weeks...And I said I would NEVER do it again....

I have been taking Tylenol Arthiritis and Tramodol and whatever my Rheumotologist has prescribed for the last year. Trying to avoid going back to Ortho Dr....  

Seems like when I got the flu in February (it lasted 3 weeks)  the pain got lots worse....Then I did slip and fall on our wet deck last Saturday the 28th (Landed on my butt) and I am not sure if that is what made it worse, but it is worse.... The pain has always been in my groin area (right side) but when I had the flu it started working its way to my knee at night and if I don’t keep my leg straight and lay on my back at night it is bad pain and no sleep...  Today has been PAINFUL!!!! So...out of desperation....I made an appointment with my Orthopedic Dr for next Friday (earliest appointment I could get)..... I am so tired of hurting. I want to be able to walk and do normal daily activities without hurting and without a limp. I pray I make it till Friday without having to go to the ER. 

To be continued.....