Friday, December 29, 2017


IT has been a long time since I posted about the Lupus funeral.... A lot has happened but not a lot with my Lupus.  Ups and downs. All downs were to do with joint pain.  My kidneys are doing better.  THis is about my visit today with my Rheumotologist, Dr. Jonalla.

After talking to Dr Jonnala about my joint pain and how it is affecting me she reviewed my file all the way back to 2013.  She wanted to find out why I was not on Methotrexate. I knew i had taken it but was not sure why I stopped.  She said I had gotten nauseated after being on it for 2 months.  We were NOT sure that the meds were the cause but it was the only medication change or newest one at the time so she stopped it.  She ask me to try it again because of the reasons below. 

Methotrexate is one of the most commonly used drugs for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, and it is used in lupus patients to alleviate the joint pain and swelling of arthritis involving multiple joints.

 Because of it’s effectiveness, it is being used more and more as the first line of defense against RA, and other disease that affect the joints.  Immunosuppressants, like methotrexate, are currently one of the most beneficial and used group of drugs in treating moderate to severe lupus.    

This can be scary for some lupus patients, originally designed to treat leukemia in the 1940’s, methotrexate was approved by the FDA to treat arthritis in the late 1980’s. 
Primarily because it is known as a “cancer drug” and though it is generally safe at the doses given for Lupus, it is still a powerful medication. 

Soooo I am trying it again.  I am apprehensive because it is primarily used for cancer but after my trip today I am praying it works....My hips and knees really were giving me fits.  Going out almost and stabbing pain...