Friday, April 26, 2013

Avise Blood Test

Has anyone heard of this NEW blood test to find out for SURE if you have Lupus? It was just approved. I had the test today....anxiously awaiting because I really didn't know there was an "IF" Diagnoses on 10/11. She is doing it because of all the medication I am on and I'm not getting better...I sure hope I haven't been on all this for nothing.  But I would love to not have Lupus....that's mind boggling.....
Here is the link for the test. Results in 3-5 workdays.
The girl in the lab said she has done 7 test since it came out.

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  1. I was diagnosed through a positive ANA test. It sure would be wonderful if you found out you didn't have lupus.
    I will check in again.
    Take care,